Menu Fri 26th February
Menu Fri 26th February
Menu Fri 26th February
Menu Fri 26th February


Menu Fri 26th February

(Set Meal for 2)

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King Prawns & Tamatar Masala (F)

Plump, juicy King Prawns cooked in a tangy tomato & Arjawan masala.


Saag Murgh (M)

When we make this chicken and spinach dish we don’t puree the spinach but fold it in at the end. I love the way it looks and the texture and flavour it adds by not being pureed.


Maa ki dal (V)

Maa ki dal literally means mother’s lentils in Punjabi. This is a family staple and so, so moreish!


Spiced Fur Fur
Colourful, crispy, crunchy, spiced puffs with tamarind sauce, mint & coriander sauce and chilli and mango sauce.


Pickled spiced onions
Does what it says on the tin but it`s Tony's wife's recipe!


Jeera Chawal
Fragrant Basmati Rice tempered with cumin seeds.


A pan-fried light round flatbread, dinner could not be served without these!


Gulab Jamin
Tony's family favourite. The pudding, sweet balls of joy.

*Everything listed in red on the menu is what Tony's family always have on their table and will always be on the menu. The dishes in black will change every week.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Allergen key
V = Vegetarian
F = Fish and/or Crustaceans
M = Meat
D = Dairy
G = Gluten

Terms & Conditions

  • This a pick-up service only.
  • Collection is from the EH15 area of Edinburgh.
  • Singh 4 your Supper is available on Friday and Saturdays only.
  • The menu will be published a weekend in advance.
  • As this is an exclusive service, a limited number of meals will be available each weekend, making this a first come first served basis. 
  • To ensure the best quality and freshness of food, pick-up is between 3pm - 6pm on your chosen day. 
  • You can order as many sets to your household as you like, but half sets cannot be catered for (i.e. for one person). 
  • Food allergies or specific dietary requirements cannot be catered for. The kitchen and the menu may contain; peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sesame, dairy/egg (and derivatives), sugar, salt, pepper, agar, wheat, whole grains and other glutens. 
  • The dinner may also feature red meat, game meat and birds, pork, seafood (fin fish, shellfish, molluscs), sea vegetables (kombu/kelp, seaweed, etc), offal, fungi, any variety of fruit (berries, stone fruit, melon, etc) and vegetables. 
  • Orders cannot be processed without full payment; you will receive a confirmation e-mail to say that you have been successful in placing your order. 
  • There is no refund as this is a freshly made product.
  • We reserve the right to change ingredients / dishes at any time. 
  • Your food is prepared in an environment which complies with Covid19 anti-bacterial guidance as published by the Scottish Government: - please sanitise your hands and wear a mask when you come to collect your food.